Lucca Comics&Games 2019

The confrontation between man and machine, between the virtual and the real: the concept of humanity will be at the centre of the festival because, in a world in which we are increasingly dependent on machines and digital communication, suffering its effects, it becomes fundamental to put back in the foreground the social and ritual dimension that has made the event the most significant community event in Europe. What does “being human” really mean? That’s why Becoming Human will be the theme of Lucca Comics & Games 2019.

Lucca Comics & Games is the largest festival in Europe dedicated to comics, games, video games, animation, illustration and TV series. A rich program divided into 5 days, from October 30 to November 3, made up of hundreds of events, tournaments, game sessions, exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, Italian and foreign guests, but especially a community event created by hundreds of thousands of fans and visitors who every year meet in one of the most beautiful historic centers in the world: Lucca. A place that will become L’Isola che c’è. The walls, squares, historic buildings, medieval alleys and mysterious underground will welcome the participants, the great sagas and all the partners of the event that together make up the large community of LC&G, ready to live an unparalleled experience. There are nine cultural souls around which the program revolves: Comics, Games, Fantasy, Videogames, Junior, Music, Cosplay, Japan, Movie.

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